Repeat Prescription

Moliere’s Le Médecin Malgré Lui remains a reliable source of onstage spankings, and here’s a fresh crop of recent productions from a variety of countries, starting with Ecuador:

Next up is Spain in 2016:

Still in 2016, over to Tuscany:

Off we go to Moscow, with an extraordinarily extended handling of the spanking:

I count 55 slaps! A record? Well, let’s not be hasty, because there’s also this one, again in Russia, again in 2016, again with a remarkably extensive spanking – and OTK too!

I make it 58 while she’s over his knee, plus another four once she’s up. The winner! And Martine very clearly enjoys it, even though afterwards it is equally clear that she is very, very sore in the seat.

Now to Brazil, where we have two different videos of the same production:

Latin America, Spain, Italy, Russia… But let’s bring the show home to France. Here we are in Aubagne in late 2017:

A 2018 production in Paris with Antoine Erol and Marie Vacher:

Finally, at Saint Maximin, also in 2018:

And no doubt there’ll be more to come!

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