Of all the words beginning with the letters s, p, a, n and k, in that order, surely the least interesting must be Spanky. It was the nickname of a 1930s child actor who later returned to prominence as an unlikely pop star of the 1960s. It’s a name often given to pets of various different species and degrees of cuteness. Most recently, it’s a derisive epithet bestowed on the one American politician who should always be named in French, M. le Président Trompe.

Happily, it’s also the title of a smooth little 2013 swing number by the South African singing duo Pique-aboo, who at the time were Talya Davidoff and Helena Grier Rautenbach. Helena’s the drummer, while Talya sings:

She later left to concentrate on another interest, diving:

Ahead of the song’s official release, an accompanying video was shot in November 2012, featuring not only Talya and Helena, but also the burlesque performers Lady Magnolia…

and Golden Delishas:

To tie in with the song title, the video incorporates material from their burlesque routine ‘Delishas Punishment’, which shows what happens to a maid who does an inept job brushing her mistress’ hair.

As you can see, it’s in the Bettie Page genre of spanking imagery, which tends to yield implausible situations and can be hit-and-miss when it comes to OTK positioning. On the whole, they scored a hit with this one, not least because of the animated way Delishas reacts to being spanked:

Judge for yourself. Here’s the video:

And if you’re ever in Cape Town, make sure you seek out Pique-aboo, live onstage!

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