Laura and the Jacques: The Television Version

Geneviève Fontanel first starred in, and was spanked in, Gabriel Arout’s comedy Laure et Les Jacques when it premiered in Paris at the end of 1963. A little over three years later, in the spring of 1967, she was best known for playing the wife of the title character in the television detective series Vidocq; and her next job was a television production of Laure et les Jacques, directed by Henri Spade.

Onstage, she had been spanked by actor Jess Hahn, playing the fourth parallel version of her husband Jacques, who uses what the press called the least pleasant but most effective method of courtship. Onscreen, the role was taken by Bernard Fresson. Here he is with Geneviève in rehearsal:

It wasn’t the most enjoyable rehearsal period for her, because this particular part of the play had to be repeated more than twenty times before it was right.

And eventually it was right. Here’s the ‘télé-fessée’ itself:

And now Geneviève can relax, even if she can’t sit down to do so. But not forever – because in five years’ time she will be playing Laura again, in another television production of 1972!

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