Keep Spanking the Cosplayer

Time for another dive into the world of cosplay, where glorious geeks put time and talent into recreating their favorite characters from the world of comics, sci-fi and beyond, often leaving their inhibitions at the door.

There are some characters you can confidently expect to get cosplayed wherever cosplay is taking place, like Robin (female version preferred),

or Wonder Woman,

or the Teen Titans.

There will always be a place for the Star Wars franchise, too,

even if occasionally it’s done rather unconventionally.

But there are also more idiosyncratic choices of subject, like the animated sci-fi series Rick and Morty,

or the video game Street Fighter:

Follow cosplay and in all likelihood you’ll learn some new cultural idioms. For instance, I wasn’t previously acquainted with Hetalia, the Japanese comics series which plays out a sardonic version of history with the nations of the world embodied as human characters.

I also knew nothing of the Final Fantasy video game franchise, which numbers among its characters the nubile Cindy Aurum:

Her accessories hint at her purpose in life, or in the game.

She’s a car mechanic!

But take a closer look at her costume.

Not all cosplayers are brave enough to reproduce the panties peeking out over her shorts, emphasizing her femininity – though by rights they should, as in the video game, be pink panties, not white.

Correct – well done that cosplayer! But perhaps you may be able to think of another scenario for Cindy.

I know I can – and so could these cosplayers, too:

But why stop with video games? Cosplayers have recreated Disney characters, from Snow White to Tinker Bell.

They have been pirates, possibly of the Caribbean.

They have raided Castle Anthrax.

It seems you can cosplay anything at all. Can you guess what this lady is preparing to recreate with her cosplay partner?

It’s… the famous/notorious Chase and Sanborn spanking coffee advert!

Here’s another recreation of a vintage ad, with a relevant twist: an adult version of the Coppertone baby gets her bottom smacked!

In general, cosplayers tend to avoid nudity – the whole point of the exercise is to show off their brilliant costume creations, not their bodies. But here’s a cosplay of, I kid you not, a bare bottom spanking, complete with prosthetic bare bottom:

It is an unwritten rule that any discussion of spanking in cosplay must always be headed towards one particular character.

21 Harley Quinn

It is a fact that Harley Quinn often has the right kind of endowments for it.

Her fellow cosplayers evidently agree.

For some, it seems, Harley is even an object of worship!

Don’t get carried away – but it’s true that Harley is sometimes the one who gets to give a cosplay spanking.

Here she is with a friend: the Harley and the Ivy.

And just for once, it’s Poison Ivy who gets sore.

OK, just for twice…

But it’s more common for Harley to be on the receiving end.

Even when she’s also doling it out!

Here she is the subject of a combined effort by the Dynamic Duo: over Batman’s knee while Robin whacks her.

But Batman can deal with her alone if needs be. Now, I said earlier that cosplay tends to avoid nudity, but in this case the joke absolutely depends on seeing Harley’s bare bottom. Panties down, dear!

In the end, the standard Harley pairing is with the Joker.

And it seems he’s also the one most likely to spank her properly!

You may think these people are nerds. Well, maybe they are – so let’s stand up for nerdiness!


2 thoughts on “Keep Spanking the Cosplayer

  1. sweetspot444 says:

    An incredible collection highlighting a category I never would have imagined to be so fruitful of spanking images. Thanks for sharing.


  2. jimc says:

    There are some really great otk ones that you have found. When i looked at the pictures before i read the article i was thinking the 1st one one was Mera (Aquaman’s wife with her red hair and green tights.) and her spanker was some other undersea denizin called the shark, but if she is a female Robin then all the better . I think Cosplay does give such an opportunity for spankings you have costumes and ideas of the heroes and heroines that they represent and sometimes you find some that you were not even aware of and their charactors are quite shall we say unique. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.


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