Spanked by a Stripper

Lots of different kinds of people have lots of different kinds of pleasure, and of course human diversity is a good thing; but surely there won’t be anything for us to enjoy in a Chippendales show, right?


Lady members of the audience – and that always accounts for the lioness’ share of the audience at this kind of performance – occasionally find themselves up onstage, especially if it’s their special occasion, like a hen night, and once onstage, there’s just a scintilla of a risk that a gorgeous, muscular performer may do something like this:

At their Las Vegas HQ, the troupe (and their competitors) have also been known to pose with their fans in interesting ways.

If you’re wearing a skirt, it’s wise to take precautions.

Otherwise you might end up like these ladies – though I really don’t think they mind!

Even if you’re wearing jeans, you may not be out of harm’s way. Take this guy: he isn’t really going to use his belt, is he?

Think again!

And brace for impact!

As already intimated, other troupes are available. For instance, you might care to call in at Hunk Mansion, where the hunks expressly reserve the right to spank naughty girls:

Some will do it for you al fresco:

And you can book home visits too.

Of course, in such situations there is a better use for a sitting room chair:

So, ladies who are so inclined, make sure your special day doesn’t pass by without the assistance of a hunky male stripper – to administer a good, old-fashioned birthday spanking!

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