Photographer of the Week: Rannie Rodil

Rannie Rodil 01

‘Strange and comical’ is how Los Angeles-based Rannie Rodil describes her work, though she also admits to ‘a generous helping of sex appeal’. Which, as you can see, is an entirely fair self-assessment!

Rannie Rodil 02Rannie Rodil 03

Rannie Rodil 04

‘I’m happy to say that I’m capable of creating any image that my crazy brain conjures up,’ remarks Rannie. And before we turn to a particular shoot she did in 2008, creating a particularly attractive image from her crazy brain, let’s meet the key model who helped her:

Rannie Rodil herself

Who’s that model? Well, actually, the name’s Rodil… Rannie Rodil. Yes, it’s going to be a self-portrait. And if you thought Rannie sounded confident in her own abilities, well, it takes a lot of self-confidence to portray yourself as the class dunce…

Rannie Rodil dunce

And if that doesn’t teach her, maybe this will:

Rannie Rodil spanked

If you are interested in Rannie’s work, please visit her website.

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