Bad, Bad… Dog?

In and around Sydney, somewhere between cosplay and clubbing, between performance art and party, you’ll find Bad Dog.

They’re a group who put visual artists and sound wizards and DJs together to create unique nightlife experiences outside the mainstream of clubland, with parties on themes ranging from bugs to beach life to bees (and the flowers they fertilize).

As you can see, there are pretty girls in imaginative and often abbreviated attire.

What do you think of it so far?

Rate it? Better have a closer look, then.

Many of these pictures are not from the dance floor but the photobooth, which is sometimes equipped with somewhere to sit down.

Yes, that’s one possibility. But here’s a better one:

One of the 2009 parties had an especially promising theme: ‘Playgroup’. Result: some came dressed as adults and some as naughty ‘little girls’. Here’s one of the latter with her ‘daddy’:

And her ‘teacher’:

And that begs the question, who’s going to be the disciplinarian?

By the looks of it… both of them!

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