Photographer of the Week: Mike Allebach


‘Every human life is worth photographing and worth living,’ says Mike Allebach, who shoots portraits and couples, wedding and boudoir, in North Wales, Pennsylvania.

One of his most admirable qualities, as a photographer and as a man, is his active recognition of the value of human diversity, and the need to accept and celebrate tastes that may be marginalized or disliked by ‘straight’ society. In particular, one of his big themes is tattoos.

He styles himself a ‘tattooed bride’ photographer, standing up for tatt lovers’ right to be themselves even on solemn and formal occasions.

And he believes in the power of photography to boost self-esteem by creating positive imagery. ‘Connect with your inner badass,’ he urges his clients.

And connect they do – often in couples portraits that celebrate loving relationships, balance tottering ones and reignite fading ones.

If photography can ever be said to be a public good, Mike Allebach’s photography is just that. And it’s beautiful too.

And even when an ass cannot be said to be bad, boudoir pictures may from time to time involve a partner making joyous contact with it.

It seems there’s a helluva lot of spanking going on in the boudoirs of Pennsylvania.

And we can only say: hurrah for that!

If you are interested in Mike Allebach’s work, and especially if you are in Pennsylvania and would like to get on his waiting list, please visit his website.

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