Photographer of the Week: Steve Kinoz

Our focus this week is on the witty, fantastical photography of Melbourne’s Steve Kinoz.

Steve has shot many models in his distinctive and wonderfully strange style, but the most distinctive, and certainly the strangest, must be Eric. Eric describes himself as ‘just an old bloke from down under having a bit of fun’, but surely there must be few photographers who are privileged to shoot a bloke who’s this old:

(Eric is the one on the left, in case you’re wondering.)

Various interesting things have happened when Eric met up with younger models in Steve’s studio. Here’s one such younger model (not shot by Steve), Jayde Helena:

And here she is feeling the flat of Eric’s bony hand on a not so bony part of herself:

That’s the hors d’oeuvres (and, let’s face it, Eric could use a little fattening up). But before the main course, let’s reacquaint ourselves with Lady LouLou Bugoo, last seen leaning through an impossible window at the top of the article.

I bet you can guess what happened at her Eric encounter on July 9, 2018:

Now let’s pull back to see behind the scenes, revealing by implication Steve’s artistry not just in what he shoots but what he leaves out:

Bad, bad Bugoo! So bad she got spanked twice!

If you are interested in Steve’s work, please visit his Instagram account.

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