The Spanking Vampire

For many years after he was created by Bram Stoker in 1897, Dracula reigned supreme over the vampire kingdom, full of Eastern European promise and dark sexual allure. A few decades into his life (or, from another point of view, a few centuries), the cinema came and Dracula rose from the page, taking on successively the forms of Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee, among others, and even once (in 1974’s La Grande Trouille) that of Peter Cushing, who more often played Van Helsing, vampire hunter and arch-nemesis of the Prince of Darkness. This time, however, he was the arch-nemesis of actress Miou Miou:

By now we were in the age of the postmodern exploitation mashup, which also spawned such absurd mutant variants as Blacula (AD 1972), possibly not the best ever use of that fine African-American actor William Marshall. But it wasn’t until 2002 that the world was ready for… Pervula!

Pervula is a ten-minute short that spoofs the sexy vampire trope, then well into its Vampire Diaries phase. It was written and directed by Armando Muñoz, who also stars, alongside Timmi Harrop as Gretchen, the girl menaced by Pervula.

I haven’t seen the whole film: it used to be available online but had disappeared by the time I found out about it; but the trailer, which must amount to nearly 15% of it, is available on YouTube, so we can at least have a taster of Pervula. Don’t bother if you only want spanking, because that scene is not among those featured; but it will raise a smile for the wit and inventiveness with which it handles the standard clichés of the vampire genre. Which do not ordinarily include the following:

Armando Muñoz has kept up the Pervula character, who still appears at events on the west coast of America.

He can be seen in a variety of different contexts, sometimes even as a vampire DJ – so, who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to see more of the spanking rites of Pervula!

2 thoughts on “The Spanking Vampire

    • Harry says:

      Thanks for locating this; it’s good to see the whole thing. The humor is funny, though some will find some of it on the gross side. The spanking occurs during the closing credits, right after the credit for Gretchen, and people whose tastes are like mine will enjoy the approximately four seconds from around 8.40. However, people whose tastes are like mine should also be warned to hit the stop button immediately afterwards, when the credit for Pervula comes up!


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