Photographer of the Week: Taryn Lindsey

Taryn Lindsey spanks Jess Kendall

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Taryn Lindsey does outstanding pin-up and boudoir photography, bringing out the very best in her subjects. And from time to time, she spanks models. Yes, that’s rainbow-haired Taryn with Jess Kendall in a perilous position over her lap!

Quite apart from anything it may signify in terms of valuing diversity, the rainbow is to the point because bright, ebullient color is a signature element of Taryn’s world.

In her lens, even black and white and gray are vibrantly colorful.

Like all good pin-up photography, there’s a keen eye for the curves of the feminine form,

a strong streak of visual inventiveness and humor,

and a soupcon of spanking. Here’s a Christmas scene in which the curves belong to burlesque dancer Honey Merlot (also seen with the fake pumpkin earlier) and the candy cane landing on those curves is wielded by Lo Cupcakes:

And here’s one where the spanking is more than a mere soupcon, in which Cherie Blondell rather wonderfully falls foul of Lena Allure:

If you are interested in Taryn’s work, please visit her website.

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