The Schooling of the Shrew, Part 2: The Heyday

We tend to think of the mid-1960s as the time when spanking scenarios began to tail off in the mainstream media, but the history of school Shrew spanking bucked that trend: the ten years from 1965 to 1974 were a period of uncommon plenitude in this phenomenon, or at least its visual documentation.

We get off to a promising start in 1965, with three entries in the Shrew spanking stakes. At Catholic Central High School, Steubenville, Ohio, with Joe Dittmar and Beth Arthurs:

At Macalester College, Minneapolis, with David Eldridge and Pamela Petersen:

And at Whitnall High School, Greenfield, Wisconsin:

Then things slumped again for a few years. From 1966, we have only the February 23-26 production at Sandia High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico, with Mark Timmons and Barbara Utter:

And from 1967, the sole entry is from David Douglas High School, Portland, Oregon, with Ken Standing spanking Jane Logan in a production that ran March 9-11:

But things inched up in 1968. At Roosevelt High School in Virginia, Minnesota, John Ziegler and Marcia Hill weren’t in a full production but an entry in a one-act play contest, in which, according to the yearbook caption, ‘Petruchio demonstrates the simplest way to tame a shrew – spank her‘:

In Tennessee:

Nor should we pass over the memorable production in Birmingham, England, in which a student Petruchio spanked his 22-year-old teacher, a story recounted at length here.

And in 1969, Shrew spankings began to occur in abundance across American high schools. In January, at Garland High School, Texas:

January 30-31, at Arlington High School, Texas, with Bob English and Debbie Duket:

Shrew 1969 Arlington HS

At Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with Dave Ramsey and Pat Foran:

And at Kennett High School, Conway, New Hampshire:

On to 1970, and on March 13 Stanley Swartz was to be seen spanking Carol Moyer at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School, in Lansdale, Pennsylvania:

At Burke High School:

And at Edwardsville High School, Illinois, with Jeff Rider and Kate Richards:

From 1971, we have a rehearsal shot from Hazelwood Central High School, Florissant, Missouri, with Hank Oughton and Sue Milfelt:

And at ROWVA High School, Oneida, Illinois, with Debbie Brown as Kate:

In 1972, a cut-down version played as part of ‘an evening of comedy’ at Rainier High School, Oregon, though unfortunately for Debbie Chappelle, it was actually two evenings of comedy, May 4 and 5, and therefore two spanking sessions with Jim Rivenes:

At Denver City High School, Texas, with Don Short and Sara Mitchell:

And at Edina High School, Minnesota, The Taming of the Shrew was on the acting class syllabus, which was good news for Craig Harrison and bad news for Pam Finn:

1973 was the high watermark of school Shrew spanking, at least going by the visual record. At Fountain Valley High School, California:

At Okanogan High School, Washington, with Randy Clifford and Kristen Smith:

At Twin Falls High School, Idaho:

On November 15 and 16, this happened to Cindy M. Adams at Brunswick High School, Ohio, courtesy of Dale Krupla:

02 Shrew 1973 Brunswick HS

And December 8-10 at Bishop Carroll High School, Wichita, Kansas, with David Kessler and Chris Eckberg:

After all that activity, there was a dip in 1974, with just the one production at Charter Oak High School, Covina, California, on March 7-9, with Randy Ford and Barbara Grubert:

But that’s just a slight pause: there’ll be plenty more spanking action to come when we move into the late Seventies and beyond!

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