The Schooling of the Shrew, Part 2: The Heyday

We tend to think of the mid-1960s as the time when spanking scenarios began to tail off in the mainstream media, but the history of school Shrew spanking bucked that trend: the ten years from 1965 to 1974 were a period of uncommon plenitude in this phenomenon, or at least its visual documentation.

We get off to a promising start in 1965, with three entries in the Shrew spanking stakes. At Catholic Central High School, Steubenville, Ohio, with Joe Dittmar and Beth Arthurs:

At Macalester College, Minneapolis, with David Eldridge and Pamela Petersen:

And at Whitnall High School, Greenfield, Wisconsin:

Then things slumped again next year. From 1966, we have only the February 23-26 production at Sandia High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico, with Mark Timmons and Barbara Utter:

And in 1967, the play was produced at David Douglas High School, Portland, Oregon, with Ken Standing spanking Jane Logan in a production that ran March 9-11:

At the latter end of the year, San Antonio, Texas, saw a Shrew on December 15 at the Sam Houston High School, with Clayton Kamm and Rebecca Chesire:

Things continued to inch up in 1968. At Roosevelt High School in Virginia, Minnesota, John Ziegler and Marcia Hill weren’t in a full production but an entry in a one-act play contest, in which, according to the yearbook caption, ‘Petruchio demonstrates the simplest way to tame a shrew – spank her‘:

In Tennessee:

At Harley High School, New York, as part of a program of Shakespeare scenes:

And another extracted scene at Hellgate High School, Missoula, Montana, with Norman Green and Jan Jones, in performances on November 22 and 23:

Nor should we pass over the memorable production in Birmingham, England, in which a student Petruchio spanked his 22-year-old teacher, a story recounted at length here.

And in 1969, Shrew spankings began to occur in abundance across American high schools. In January, at Garland High School, Texas:

January 30-31, at Arlington High School, Texas, with Bob English and Debbie Duket:

Shrew 1969 Arlington HS

At Butler High School, Pennsylvania:

At Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with Dave Ramsey and Pat Foran:

At Kennett High School, Conway, New Hampshire:

And before we leave 1969, over to Loyola Academy, Wilmette, Illinois, where Shrew was splendidly staged November 7-9, with Larry Kerns as Petruchio:

On to 1970, which was the high watermark of school Shrew spanking, at least going by the visual record. On March 13 Stanley Swartz was to be seen dealing with Carol Moyer at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School, in Lansdale, Pennsylvania:

At Burke High School:

At Central High School, Grand Junction, Colorado, Lincoln Hall spanks Gail Eddy:

At Edwardsville High School, Illinois, with Jeff Rider and Kate Richards:

At Fairfield High School, Iowa, with Craig Rowley and Mary Jordan:

At St Dominic High School, Lewiston, Maine, with Dan Bazinet and Louise Barriault:

And at Tahlequah High School, Oklahoma, Tom Munson spanks Vicki Monks:

From 1971, we have a rehearsal shot from Hazelwood Central High School, Florissant, Missouri, with Hank Oughton and Sue Milfelt:

Also in rehearsal at Fairless High School, Dover, Ohio, here’s Marsha Define being spanked by Jim Cooper:

And at ROWVA High School, Oneida, Illinois, with Debbie Brown as Kate:

In 1972, a cut-down version played as part of ‘an evening of comedy’ at Rainier High School, Oregon, though unfortunately for Debbie Chappelle, it was actually two evenings of comedy, May 4 and 5, and therefore two spanking sessions with Jim Rivenes:

At Denver City High School, Texas, with Don Short and Sara Mitchell:

At Morenci High School, Arizona, with Bruce Swick and Liz Gonzalez:

And at Edina High School, Minnesota, The Taming of the Shrew was on the acting class syllabus, which was good news for Craig Harrison and bad news for Pam Finn:

1973 was another good year. At Fountain Valley High School, California:

At Okanogan High School, Washington, with Randy Clifford and Kristen Smith:

At Twin Falls High School, Idaho:

At Windom High School, Minnesota, Roger Gregg spanks Joli Johnson, who won an award for her performance:

On November 15 and 16, this happened to Cindy M. Adams at Brunswick High School, Ohio, courtesy of Dale Krupla:

02 Shrew 1973 Brunswick HS

And December 8-10 at Bishop Carroll High School, Wichita, Kansas, with David Kessler and Chris Eckberg:

After all that activity, there was a dip in 1974, with just a couple productions, one at Charter Oak High School, Covina, California, on March 7-9, with Randy Ford and Barbara Grubert:

And at Palacios High School in Texas:

But that’s just a slight downturn: there’ll be plenty more spanking action to come when we move into the late Seventies and beyond!

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