Photographer of the Week: Frédéric Leblanc


Weddings and portraits, baby bumps and beloved babies… we know all about the daily round of a commercial photographer. But French Canadian Frédéric Leblanc also gets to shoot burlesque.


Much of the fine photography we’re going to enjoy today is associated with the Quebec burlesque troupe and school, Les Burlesqueries de Miss Eva.

It’s an organization dedicated to the celebration of women’s sensuality through dance performance, and it offers a strong line on the importance of self-confidence.

Here’s Miss Eva herself, more fully and a little more improbably known as Eva Von Lips.

Also relevant today is her trainee of equally unlikely nomenclature, Katie Kat Couture:

Goodness knows why, but Katie was, shall we say, not entirely confident in herself. Unfortunately for her, Miss Eva won’t tolerate negativity and self reproach, and she has a way of dealing with excessively self-critical students:

If you are interested in Frédéric’s work, please visit his Instagram account.

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