The Schooling of the Shrew, Part 3: Indian Summer?

Take a look at school Shrew spanking in 1973 and you’d think it was going strong. Look again in 1974 and it would appear to be dying out. In 1975 and 1976, it looked dead: to date, not a single photograph has come to light from those years. But in 1977 it jerked back to full, healthy and ongoing life, with examples available from every succeeding year through the middle of the 1980s.

1977 began January 28-29 at Ballard High School in Seattle:

At Clover Park High School, Tacoma, Washington:

But it wasn’t all SLB. At Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Rob Fries put Mary Ellen Duffy across his knee:

And Roger Medanich did likewise to Mary Claire Samuell at Pecos High School, Texas, on April 12:

On to 1978, and on March 31: Mercedes High School, Texas, saw this scene between Jody Winston and Honei Dieu Bussberg:

In the Fall, at Gabriel Richard Catholic High School, Riverview, Michigan, Rob Bovitz spanked Robin Stanko:

And on October 12, Campbell Memorial High School, Ohio, Mark Libertin did the same to Julie Marinkovitch:

The pace wasn’t sustained in 1979, but at Frontier High School, Hamburg, New York, Petruchio kept his hand in and Kate kept her end up:

In 1980, Bill Ennis spanked Debbie Smith at Yoakum High School, Texas:

And from Alice High School, Texas, we have video evidence which tells us what the acting must have been like from many of these high school Petruchios. Though if it also tells us what the spankings were like, who’s complaining?

In 1981, there was a significant production in April at Holliday High School, Texas. Kay Lucy rewrote Shakespeare’s script as a Western set in ‘Italy, Texas’, and featuring a splendid spanking administered by John Dyer to Kristi Lucy (surely some relation):

Still in Texas for 1982, the students of Lorenzo High School had this to offer:

In 1983, Cincinnati Country Day School, Ohio, featured the first known interracial Shrew spanking with a black Petruchio, Richard Genece, who spanked Brooke Bobbitt:

And on March 19-29, 1984, it’s back to Holliday High School, Texas, where the Kay Lucy Western adaptation got another production, this time with Darin Hawley and Roberta Shawver:

Another flurry of spanking activity enlivened 1985. At Lyndon Baines Johnson High School, Johnson City, Texas, Bill Harris spanked Jennifer Hobbs:

At Oak Lawn Community High School, Illinois:

And at Stevenson High School:

Will the school Shrew spanking phenomenon make it to the end of the twentieth century? The next part of this article will tell!

2 thoughts on “The Schooling of the Shrew, Part 3: Indian Summer?

  1. Chase says:

    GREAT post!!! That young man in the video seriously knows how to spank!! The whole video was well done. It almost won the state championship in 1980.


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