Get Yourself Noticed – Get Yourself Spanked!

Let’s meet the Croatian pop singer Petra Kovacevic, seen here onstage,

and offstage:

At the end of 2014, she was getting ready to release her fifth single Buka, Galama (Noise), with a video featuring herself as a schoolgirl who prefers nightlife to studying. She needed some self-promotion, and to that end got together with photographer Sandra Mihaljevic to produce a set of photos that would get her into the press at the operative time. And since it was the very end of the year, they went for something seasonal, and brought in a certain jolly gentleman.

Shooting with Santa isn’t entirely risk-free, but there’s another factor that made this shoot even more dangerous for Petra. Take a closer look at her outfit:

Santa hat, black lingerie, plaid skirt… We’ve seen this somewhere else – being worn by Kendall Jenner in her Love Magazine shoot with Santa released on December 8, 2014 – exactly three weeks before Petra’s encounter hit the press. And Kendall got spanked

So what’s going to happen to copycat Petra?  Well, obviously…

Santa seems to be getting her skirt out of the way there, but apparently he changed his mind, and Petra’s peril did not involve Petra’s panties. But even so, it seems she suddenly realizes it’s not quite so amusing to  be across Santa’s knee!

If you are interested in Petra’s music, please visit her YouTube channel.

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