Slappin’ Rappin’

Formed in 2011, the Russian rap band 2rbina 2rista (pronounced Turbina Turista) produce music that’s full of busy rage and iconoclasm, and videos that, if not full of spanking, have a lot more of it than is the norm for music videos.

Here are two of the band members, Ranis Gaisin and Anastasia Serebrennikova:

But while she may be dressed for it, you won’t be seeing her the other way up (alas).

Never mind, there are plenty opportunities during their act:

And these opportunities are sometimes seized… with the flat of the hand!

But the evil bishop isn’t the only one who gets to have fun.

But let’s be realistic. Bottom-smacking is a simple, ad hoc thing that’s easily incorporated into a stage act: bend, smack, disengage. Actual spanking is a more complex procedure that takes time to set up and more time to strike (in the theatrical sense of the word) before and after the part where the girl is across the knee being struck (in the spanking sense of the word). And that’s why it’s more straightforward for the band to incorporate spanking into their videos rather than the live show.

Those are stills from the set of a short sequence in their 2012 video, Voodoo After Party. And when I say short… well, see for yourself:

The imagery is rather stronger in the 2015 video for a song whose title translates either as Iron or Steel Balls:

You might think the young lady with the (hopefully not steel) ball gag endured rather severe handling for the sake of a few insert shots. And that is confirmed by the following ‘making of’ footage:

For nicer imagery, albeit still bizarre, we turn to the 2017 video, Feel, featuring Maria Zakharova, who gets her bottom smacked so often that it even features on the cover:

And happily, this then develops into full scale spanking:

Here’s the video:

And here’s some more behind the scenes footage, though this time there’s only a snippet of the spanking being shot:

To feature spanking once in your music video is great. To feature it twice might be a coincidence. But three times and it’s clearly a trope they enjoy. So it’ll probably be well worth keeping an eye on 2rbina 2rista in future!

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