Photographers of Past Weeks

Photograph a spanking once – hurrah for you, and you might be honored as our Photographer of the Week. Photograph a spanking twice – double hurrah for you!

If we were awarding medals, this would be the ‘bar’: our annual return to see the further work of artists who have already been Photographer of the Week, but have earned the honor a second time, or in some cases a third, or more…

A case in point is Don Cross, whom we first honored in 2015, and who has featured in the annual update every year since. This year, he’s helped by Whitney Pernal, who’s been spanked quite often in his work, but now gets to handle the other side of the job:

A big hurrah for Randy Allen of Powder Puff Vixen Photography and his spanking monkey:

Nicole Roberts has not a monkey but a monster in her life, and thanks to Mandy Little of Bombshell Pinups, we get to see a little of their holiday fun:

Terry Mendoza continues to do stylish work:

So, in a different idiom, does Tyler Shields:

The imagination of Alexander Mavrin brings us a naughty girl being (wait for it) chastised by a chicken:

Tara Leavitt of Brooklyn Brat recorded an encounter with a more conventional, and evergreen, spanker:

And we wind up with another outstanding image by the brilliant German pin-up photographer Miss Giggles:

Long may her work continue to grace our updates!

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