Up the Twerkers

twerk it like miley

Twerking may have become a global phenomenon after Miley Cyrus included it in her act, but it has been a part of American hip-hop culture since the 1980s. Essentially, it’s a style of female dancing that draws attention to the girl’s bottom, so it should be no great surprise that twerkers sometimes get that part of their anatomy smacked.

A high-profile example occurs in the video for the Cameroonian singer Stanley Enow’s 2018 single, Elle Est La. Here he is getting ready to shoot the scene:

And here’s the video:

Now, you might reasonably feel that this is somewhat undersold in the video, presented in long shot with Stanley himself obstructing the view. (If you missed it altogether, look again at 1m 55s!) But music videos often don’t take the best advantage of their opportunities, and another case in point is Brandon Beal’s 2014 single Twerk It Like Miley, in which things could hardly be more favorable for the Danish singer Christopher. For his twerker isn’t merely doing her botty-waggling stuff within reach of his right hand – she’s over his knee!

But what does the silly boy do? He snaps her thong, that’s what! But at least she does get a smacked bottom when upright later on in the video:

An even bigger sense of shortfall comes from Cheeks Clap, the 2016 single by the Jamaican singer Kadar Blaqs, if only because the title actually means bottom-smacking (among other things). The video features a lot of twerking, and a modicum of our kind of ‘cheeks clap’:

But the cover photo shows something that sadly doesn’t appear in the video:

We can’t leave this subject without seeing a properly spanked twerker, so let’s turn to another Jamaican singer, Leftside, and his 2013 video for Gyal Yuh Bad, directed by Dameon Gayle,

in which the bad gyal really does get what all bad gyals deserve:

Here’s the video:

Some bad gyals are smacked because they twerk. But this bad gyal, with breathtaking audacity, twerks while she’s actually being spanked! Kudos and applause for her!

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