La Fille Bien Fessée

From the south of France comes a tale of misappropriated keys with immediate consequences we’ll like, and longer-term consequences we may not like quite so much.

POV is a new group which includes composer Yann Cleary and a chanteuse who’s here dressed for Swan Lake,

and here for their new song, in which Yann plays Papa, and she is sa fille:

The video starts with Papa unable to find his car keys. In due course they are located at the bottom of Mademoiselle‘s breakfast bowl, and his response to that may be inferred from the fact that the title of the song is Fessée.

This has certain effects on her in later life. But be warned: when she goes to consult a therapist about her unusual tastes, there’s a bit of F/M smacking mixed in.

The video is deliberately provocative: ‘I love spanking women,’ Yann told the French press, daring our culture’s sour, censorious moralists to come after him. We can only hope they don’t prevail!

If you are interested in the group’s music, please visit their YouTube channel.

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