Photographers of the Week: Melissa Cinnamon and Michelle Rodriquez-Porter


It’s impossible to separate out Melissa Cinnamon and Michelle Rodriquez-Porter: they are joint photographers for Mile High Pinups, a women-owned, women-operated photography studio in Denver, Colorado, which specializes in vintage and retro styles, in various degrees of undress.

There’s also a clever, colorful streak of fantasy in their work.

Our main focus of attention is a 2016 shoot at Colorado’s Lakewood Heritage Center with three burlesque performers who travel around America entertaining veterans with the Pinups on Tour troupe.

One of these people is not of primary relevance, and, to give you a clue, the odd one out isn’t Buddy Watson, seen here through someone else’s lens:

He’ll be present and correct, and indeed correcting, at the climax. So which lady will be the recipient of his attentions? Will it be Dixie Mae Rebel?

Or Julia Reed Nichols, who also goes by the stage name of Mona Bella?

Let’s see each of them try to establish her claim on our attention!

Dixie’s trying very hard,

but the winner is… Julia!

And her prize is…

If you are interested in Mile High Pinups, please visit their website.

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