Sultry Nights, Hot Bottoms

2012 (1)

That’s the Russian singer Philip Kirkorov with a dancer over his knee. It’s part of a live show based on his album DruGoy, which was released in October 2011; the show opened the following month and toured internationally until 2015, with a little interesting variation across the run.

The number is ‘Sultry Nights’, a song about jealousy and the fireworks of love, and Kirkorov performs it as an Apache dance with a lover in a loose dress and navy blue bloomers.

In the course of it, she finds herself across his knee.

At first, he seems a little bored by the situation,

whereas for her, boring is clearly not the word that best describes the prospect of a good spanking:

He gets to work, albeit briefly and symbolically: a representation of a spanking that’s more choreographic than literal, and very much ‘sold’ by the girl’s performance.

Then he roughly but gracefully shoves her off his lap, and the dance continues.

You’ll have noticed that the girl went through a number of changes in the course of the run, though it seems always to have been the same performer. She started out looking like this:

Then she restyled her hair, and wound up looking seriously cute,

until they gave her a little more fire with a red wig:

Finally, from 2013, they settled on a blonde wig:

There are many recordings of different performances, which I’ve included below as links. Every performance is different, if only sometimes subtly: sometimes he actually spanks her, sometimes helps himself to a feel instead, sometimes just gives her bum the bum’s rush; and the girl’s reaction is interestingly varied, too. It’s worth looking at several of them, though I don’t recommend watching them all in one go, as a sense of repetition will soon set in!

The Videos

The early performances in 2011 were filmed on these dates: November 7, November 8 and December 11.

There’s a hefty crop from 2012: April 22 (and from another angle), May 1 (and another angle), May 29, August 8, August 10, October 15 (and from another angle), October 21 (and again, another angle); plus exact date unknown (but before June 6) and another unknown date (before October 4).

There are a lot from 2013, too: March 26, April 12, April 13, April 20, April 29, August 10, September 9, November 22, November 24, November 28 and November 29.

From 2014: September 22, October 9, October 12, October 14 (and also from a different angle, and yet another), October 20 and exact date unknown.

Finally, from 2015 we have the following: March 17, March 21, April 29, April 30 and May 17.

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