Photographer of the Week: Emmanuel Moreno


Mexican art photographer Emanuel Moreno isn’t a mere documentarist: he sees his work not just as a way of relating to the world that exists, but also of transforming it imaginatively. And he does it with a fully developed philosophy of photography.

It begins with selection: every shot that every photographer takes constitutes a choice from a myriad of possibilities, which means that whatever ephemeral moment is captured and given permanence will reflect some aspect of the photographer’s own individual personality and vision. Moreno himself is interested in many things, among them the naturalness and vulnerability of the unclad human body.

He often shoots in distinctively dingy environments, with subtle chiaroscuro lighting.

And he is drawn to moments of terror, of humanity on the edge.

But as you can see, he doesn’t just seek out and record life as he finds it all around him: the imagery is staged, created, a product of art direction rather than everyday actuality; something that only exists because of the fusion between the photographer’s imagination and the technical skill of the models.

All these qualities are epitomized in our keynote photograph, in which male model Ender Sanchez brings a little fear and vulnerability into his female colleague’s life:

If you are interested in Emmanuel Moreno’s work, please visit his website.

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