Sganarelle Forever

As far as spanking is concerned, France’s most durable export must surely be Le Médecin Malgré Lui, Moliere’s comedy that begins with a wife-beating incident that is often staged as la fessée.

John Cameron spanks Biz Cameron in a 1964 production at Great Falls, Montana

It’s especially often done that way in North American high schools, as Maritom Pickett found out from Rex Martin at Riverton High School, Wyoming, in 1964:

Similar treatment was meted out in 1965 by Jeff Witt to Jaren Evers to at Jefferson High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

Likewise, at St Leo College, Florida, in 1968:

In 1969, Margy Sobotka got it at Hazelwood High School in Florissant, Missouri:

And in the present century, here’s a 2008 school production in Quebec:

And the 21st century is where we’ll stay now, continuing with a vigorous 2013 spanking in Italy:

More vigor in Croatia in 2016, in a long-running production set in the Wild West, with Jan Kerekes as Sganarelle and Hana Hegedusic as a lovely Martine:

A Brazilian drama school production of 2016 had Martine lifting her own skirt to be whacked:

Still in Brazil, in 2018:

Over to Russia, and this 2017 production had Martine whacked with a cane:

Romania, 2019:

And Poland, 2019:

Back to la belle France now, to see Tom Hamonnais spanking Margherita Frau in a production at Versailles in June 2018, which later toured to the Avignon Festival:

And to round off, here’s an absolutely splendid rehearsal shot from the same production:

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