Photographer of the Week: Dennis Driscoll


Dennis Driscoll, formerly of Los Angeles but now of Minneapolis, likes to work with creative people. And he does.

Not only creative, and imaginative, but good-looking too!

Though it also helps to have a fine and skillful photographer on the other side of the lens.

Among the forms of creativity he has been known to photograph is burlesque performance, especially the performer Tawnya Konobeck, known professionally as Sweetpea. Here she is dishing out some burlesque tough love to fellow performer Mistress Mara:

But just occasionally the boot is on the other foot. If you don’t watch it, Sweetpea, there’s going to be a spanking!

She was warned!

But not sternly enough, it seems, because now the hairbrush comes into play.

But of course, it’s not a proper spanking if it isn’t OTK!

It looks like that’ll have to do. And it also looks like it has finally made an impression on the naughty Sweetpea!

If you are interested in Dennis Driscoll’s work, please visit his Instagram account.

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