Marking Bottoms

Ten years ago, on a chilly mid-November Monday in 2009, a group of pretty girl students were publicly spanked by three ‘teachers’ in front of the Ministry of Education in Kiev:


The spankings were announced in the local media the Friday before, November 13, so a heavy press presence was guaranteed. It was all a performance laid on by the Ukrainian women’s group FEMEN as part of a protest demonstration entitled ‘A-Ta-Ta’ (which means spanking in Russian baby-talk).

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Founded in 2008, FEMEN had developed a reputation for mounting creative, distinctive and sexually provocative ‘actions’ to draw attention to political causes ranging from sex tourism to postponed elections. The focus of ‘A-Ta-Ta’ was sexual harassment in universities.

And that was why the event took place on November 16: it ensured there would be reports in the papers on International Students’ Day, which falls every year on November 17.

This was a complex piece of street theater with a cast of fourteen, whose acting was commended by those who were present. The performance lasted just over ten minutes, and most of that was spanking. In fact, there were more than twenty spankings in the course of the show, many of them taking place simultaneously, so it would have been hard to know where to look! Fortunately for us, there were also a lot of cameras, so many moments have been captured and may be enjoyed at leisure.


With eleven girls to keep track of, the first thing we need to do is establish our cast of characters. So, ladies first, in order of appearance.

Meet 21-year-old Alexandra, or Sasha for short.

She was one of the co-founders of the FEMEN movement, and the one who fronted most of the demonstrations in 2009.

In costume she wears high red boots and the traditional Ukrainian flower garland which FEMEN coopted as one of their trademarks. She also braided her hair specially for the occasion to make herself look more student-like.

And she was certainly the star of this particular show, as we’ll see…

Next on the list is 18-year-old Kristina.

She seems to be a girl who enjoys life.

Wonder how she feels about appearing in a show where she gets… spanked?

Just kidding! (About her reaction that is, not about the spanking…)

Here she is looking pink and studious in her costume:

Her placard reads ‘Institute of Prostitution’, and her pink panties feature the FEMEN logo.

Pink, incidentally, is the color of the FEMEN movement, so most of the girls will be wearing or carrying something pink, like Alexandra’s necktie, which will be giving her a few problems when the performance gets underway. Can you spot the other girls’ pink items?

Next up is Olesja.

Born in 1992, she was the youngest member of the cast, just 17 at the time of the protest.

To western eyes, her costume may look like a maid’s uniform:

Actually it’s formal academic dress for women in the former Soviet countries.

‘I am a 5+ Student’ reads her placard. But what did she have to do to get that grade?

Oksana is next.

She’s another FEMEN co-founder, and at 22, the oldest cast member.

You’ll get to see her bit of FEMEN pink later; and her placard reads, ‘Why in the mouth?’

We move on to Yulianna.

She was so excited in the run-up to the show that she didn’t sleep for two nights beforehand! Here she is in costume, just before the performance:

Here’s goofy little Anna:

She’s the second youngest performer: 17 years old, two months ahead of Olesja.

Her placard reads ‘Grading Bottoms’,

but an apter translation might refer to something beyond academic grades: ‘Marking Bottoms’.

The next girl, for me, is another of the stars.

It’s going to be a real treat to see her get spanked.

Her name is Olga, Olli to her friends, and she had turned 18 the month before. By the time the next one was snapped, at the end of the protest, she had taken the ‘Institute of Prostitution’ placard that Kristina was carrying earlier:

Now meet 20-year-old Anastasia.

She got involved with FEMEN while working on a dance project with Alexandra.

Here she is in costume:

Natasha was another 18-year-old performer:

Her placard, with a FEMEN logo round the border, reads ‘Ukraine is not a brothel’, which was the name of FEMEN’s long-term campaign against sex tourism.

Now meet Evgenia, another of the really hardcore FEMEN activists who appeared:

The protest took place five days before her 22nd birthday, and she’d recently got herself a rather angular haircut which makes her difficult to recognize at first.

Finally, we have 19-year-old Anjutka.

And in costume:

It’s exciting to be introduced to eleven girls, knowing that very soon you’re going to see them get spanked, but first let’s spare a moment to acquaint ourselves with the three teachers who will be spanking them. Their identities are spelled out on the backs of their chairs:


The Dean, the Rector and the Professor. Or, left to right as they face us, the Professor, the Rector and the Dean:

teachers 2

The Dean, in the red shirt, is the only member of the cast I can’t name. He’s probably the most efficient spanker of the three: you’ll see him raising his hand high for maximum impact. He’s also the only one to make consistent use of his non-spanking hand to hold the girl down.

The Rector, in the hat, is played by Zinofiy Karach, a Kiev disc jockey. He is working under a disadvantage: his right hand is injured and in bandages. But don’t get complacent, girls, because that’s a belt over the side of his chair…

The Professor, in the trainers, is played by Benjamin Ghaffarian. He too has a disadvantage: he is clearly right-handed, but the staging of the scene requires him mainly to spank with his left. But he is also probably the least committed spanker of the three: at least, we’ll see him move on to other things as the performance goes on…

As with any performance, many things must be prepared: the girls have to get into costume,

do their hair,

fix their make-up,

do their warm-ups,

ensure their panties are snug…

The lovely Olga was the least prepared of all: she arrived wearing jeans, and had to change into her skirt and costume panties in public – skirt on, jeans off, panties on!

(She was also wearing her own panties underneath, as we’ll see later…)

These girls are going to be taking an exam – with a difference! So a little last-minute studying might be a good idea too…

It’s time. The first three girls present themselves to their examiners.


But the girls aren’t going to be taking the exams in the conventional way. They’re going to read aloud from their textbooks, but as they get into position, it is clear that book-learning will not be the only thing they’ll be using to please their teachers…

Olesja is on the Professor’s lap, Kristina goes down on the Rector, and God only knows what the Dean thinks he’s doing to Alexandra,

stage 1

though he does have the chance to land a few smacks on the seat of her prettily patterned panties.

The wind blows Kristina’s skirt inside out.


Olesja doesn’t seem to be enjoying her Geography exam. (It’s a book about Ukraine.)

But the Rector seems to be enjoying testing Kristina on her Philosophy.

Time for a little smack on her bottom, perhaps?

Alexandra tries to concentrate on her exam, despite the fact that the Dean’s fingers are creeping where they shouldn’t…

… not to mention her precarious position!

Better adjust your balance a little, Alexandra!


Stage One of the exam is over. The girls are released. But not for long…

When she gets to her feet, Alexandra adjusts her disordered skirt,

prespank 1

which is arguably a futile and unnecessary action in view of what’s about to happen.

And now for Stage Two, when the girls are going to be (as one Russian language blog piquantly put it) ‘beaten on their soft parts’. In plain English, the examiners are going to spank them!


The Professor warms his hands, then holds Olesja’s book while she lowers herself across his knee.

Alexandra is already over the Dean’s knee with her skirt up, all ready to be spanked, when she realizes there are problems. For one thing, she has forgotten her books!

One of them is about the theory of statistics, but the other is a cookery book about peppers, so she must be doing a strange combination of majors!

She reaches across to retrieve them, and also directs the Rector to deal with the second problem: with the three chairs in an even row, there isn’t room for three horizontal girls. If the spanking gets vigorous, someone might get kicked in the face! So the middle chair needs to move back a few feet, allowing Kristina to get into position.

Then Alexandra herself goes back over the Dean’s knee, and all three girls are ready for Round 1!

Round 1

We’ll see what happens in the second part of this article!

Note: This is a corrected and substantially revised reissue of an article I first wrote ten years ago for another website, which is now moribund. This multi-part version supersedes the original and offers, I hope, as full and definitive an account of the event as it is possible to present.

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