The Historic Journeys of Santa Claus: 2009

Were you naughty in 2009?

Did Santa give you something that wouldn’t fit in your stocking?

Let’s look back at another epic journey for the Man in Red, this time involving almost a complete spanking circumnavigation of the globe, covering five continents and two oceans.

Santa began work with two naughty girls in Cape Preston, Western Australia:

Then it was up to an undisclosed location somewhere in East Asia:

Across the mighty tundra rolled the sleigh, headed for a bad girl in Russia, in front of the lens of the incomparable Ellen von Unwerth:

He appointed a deputy to deal with his next job, in Germany:

Maybe he was saving his energy for the job in Haarlem in the Netherlands, where the naughtiness seems to have been especially serious:

A pre-Atlantic stopover in Kent, England, saw an encounter with a naughty girl who needed a smacked bottom but seemed rather reluctant to relinquish her skirt for the occasion:

Santa’s main business of the night was in four centers of naughtiness across four corners of North America, with one or two other tasks in between. It’s not completely certain that he made landfall at Portland, Maine,

because that’s a burlesque dancer in a false beard preparing to mete out punishment to Ludella Hahn (who had at least one other spanking encounter with Santa, which you can see here). Her name: Becky Bottoms, which might say something about the area that would be at risk in the event that Santa discovered the impersonation…

The first hotspot was New York, where four different bad girls needed to be spanked at TRASH nightclub:

27 Santa Photo booth at Trash 2013Trash 2009 5Trash 2009 126 Trash 2009 4

Then a bit of Santa substitution was discovered, and the inevitable outcome was:

31 Trash 2009 3 DJ Jess spanks Stormy Leather38Trash 2009 1Trash 2009 6

In comparison, there was only a minor matter to be dealt with in Odenton, Maryland:

Less trifling work awaited him in Alexandria, Virginia:

But in the great and naughty state of Texas, there was a lot to get through. Small stuff first:

The naughtiest girls all seemed to be in Houston, where nobody remained fully dressed for her spanking:

And next it was up to the bad girl capital of the north west, Vancouver:

And so to naughty California, starting in San Francisco:

Clearly there was especial naughtiness in Canyon Country that year:

Then a trip east to San Bernardino:

Followed by a smacked bottom in San Diego:

And before leaving California:

You might think Santa was showing his age there, but that wasn’t the end of his labors yet awhile. There was still a naughty girl to be spanked on live television in Chile:

And finally, back to the Pacific for a spanking in Hawaii:

And so Santa began his 364-day annual holiday with the satisfaction of a job well done! To see his caseload in 2010, go here.

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