Photographer of the Week: Phil Mairs


Based in Stockport in the north-west of England, Phil Mairs co-runs Montrose Studios, a photographic facility that not only hosts his own creative endeavors but can also be rented by other budding or experienced snappers. His partner in the enterprise is pin-up model Sophia Montrose,

seen here on the wrong end of Poppy Louise Mitchell’s hairbrush:

And that all helps to define where Phil’s photographic interests and talents lie.

His pin-up portfolio includes some fine recreations of classic glamor imagery:

Montrose Studios is also a fetish-friendly environment:

And Phil’s work extends to nudes, too.

But the nudity is arguably less relevant than the identity of the model: burlesque performer Millie Dollar, who is one of three participating in the shoot that most interests us, from autumn 2019. To introduce the other two, I shall turn to the output of other photographers. Here’s Velvet Fox:

Without more ado, let’s bring her to Melrose Studios and introduce her to Millie Dollar:

Next up is Daisy Baby:

Like the others, she’s a burlesque performer. Here she is burlesquing:

Will she have better luck when she sets foot in Melrose Studios?

Evidently not!

If you are interested in Phil’s work, please visit the Montrose Studios website. More of his spanking photography may be found here and here.

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