Men are Like Streetcars: 1955-56

As far as school plays are concerned, all school years start some way into the term, because there has to be ample time for rehearsals before the play opens – which in the case of Men are Like Streetcars also meant lots of spankings for whoever was playing Maudie! In the junior play at Carthage High School, Missouri, performed on November 3-4, 1955, that was Linda Hensley, and the lap and right hand she found herself increasingly familiar with belonged to Jack Sartin:

07 1956 Carthage HS

On December 2, it was the turn of Margaret Hansen to get spanked by Timothy Hennessy in the senior play at Saranac Lake Central High School, New York:

On now to December 12, and the senior play at Almira High School, Washington, in which Gerald Scammon spanks Carolyn Frenn:

On February 7, in the senior play at Springfield High School, Vermont, Rudolph Lampron spanks Janet Houle:

And although we’re barely into the calendar year 1956, precise chronology gives out on us and all the rest are alphabetical. The senior play at Adams Township High School, Clarksville, Ohio:

The senior play at Anacortes High School, Washington; Don Daniels spanks Dorothy Johnston:

The junior play at Bay High School, Panama City, Florida:

The senior play at California Area High School, Pennsylvania; Richard Hart spanks Loretta Rhoads:

The senior play at Fairport High School, New York; Leroy Steubing spanks Marie Delaney:

And one that remains unidentified:

And with that, the year turns again… Click here to move onwards!

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