Photographer of the Week: Eddie Chacon


LA-based Eddie Chacon is probably best known as a singer, half of the 1990s soul duo Charles & Eddie. But he’s also a stylish fashion photographer.

Some of his work has a joyous, humorous edge.

He often achieves a ‘cool’ look by using a slightly washed-out color palette.

Now let’s take a short break from Eddie’s photography to get thoroughly acquainted with another vital element in the equation. You can’t have a good spanking photo, or indeed any kind of photo, without the photographer; but you also can’t have a good spanking photo without a model. So meet the Copenhagen D.J., radio personality and sound designer Maria Barfod:

If you’re interested in her work, you can sample some of it here. And even if it’s not to your taste, you can still admire her for a fine-looking woman.

Let’s take a closer look…

Carry on zooming…

This lady is fit, as the saying used to be. And she keeps fit, too.

And she’s also a lady who’s clearly very happy showing off all of her glorious attributes.

You don’t suppose she actually wants to be…?

There’s always something a little unsatisfactory about DIY, but happily for her, she’s married to the noted Danish techno-pop drummer Tomas Barfod. Even more happily for them both, he happens to have recorded with Eddie Chacon. And happily for us, Eddie obliged with his camera.

Well, Tomas is a percussionist!

Eddie Chacon says the photo is a favorite of his, and it’s also the one that Maria regularly chooses to illustrate her public declarations of love for her husband on social media!

If you are interested in Eddie Chacon’s work, please visit his website.

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