Photographer of the Week: Kim Ackerman

Kim Ackerman photographer w Drew Menning & Abbi Chartrand

Kim Ackerman is an experienced professional photographer based in southern Illinois; her studio’s in Highland, but she works all round the area, including across the state line in St Louis. Her fashion work is shot under the banner of Vogue Portrait Studios,

and more intimate photography is done as Bella Boudoir.

She’ll shoot for special occasions, like holidays

and weddings.

One stated aim is to make every client feel more confident in her own skin. A measure of her success is the popularity of her ‘bodyscape’ range, pictures that focus on just part of the sitter, without ever demeaning or dehumanizing her. Our selection of examples concentrates, predictably, on the part of the sitter that sits:

Now let’s meet model Abbi Chartrand, first courtesy of a different photographer.

And now courtesy of Kim:

That was her at the top of the article, too, being spanked by Drew Menning. And it seems she’s a trifle accident prone, because look what happened her at the hands of another male model on another occasion in front of Kim’s lens:

If you are interested in Kim Ackerman’s work, please visit her website.

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