Love Thief

A Turkish movie from 1972 that starts with a pretty girl in a short skirt running away from an angry man could be justly described as full of Eastern promise, and in the case of Gönül Hırsızı (loosely, Love Thief) the promise is amply fulfilled, except that the girl’s not running away from a spanking, but, unbeknown to herself, towards one!

Let’s meet the pretty girl in question, Cypriot actress and singer Feri Cansel:

In the film she plays Huriye, a professional thief, which explains why she’s running. She makes her escape from her victim by hiding in the trunk of a car belonging to Fuat (Eski Türk), who drives her to his home and decides to look after her in a Pygmalion kind of way. But she pays a midnight visit to her criminal associates with inside information on how to burgle the house, with herself as the inside woman in the job in an Oliver Twist kind of way. But after she returns, she finds herself falling just a little in love with her generous host, feelings which develop after he is beaten up by the robbers she lets in. The main complication is Fuat’s fiancée, not an understanding woman and certainly not one who’s keen to be supplanted by a younger, prettier interloper. But eventually, supplanted she is, and Huriye turns over a new leaf as the movie comes to a happy ending.

In the course of the story there are several moments when she stands in danger of a good spanking, but the one that’s realized comes very soon after Fuat has taken her in.

He rebukes her for a violent altercation she has with his manservant, then renews hospitality by pouring her a drink, only to discover a lot of his silverware secreted about her person.

When she responds to further rebukes by taking a swing at him, he picks her up bodily and carries her across to the couch, spanking her as he goes.

Then he sits down, lowering her across his knee, and the spanking proper begins:

It’s an energetic, animated performance by Feri Cansel:

He takes pity on her when she cries,

which is a mistake, because she seizes the chance to retaliate:

That ought to have cued a resumption of the spanking with added severity and perhaps her skirt up (we see in other scenes that she is wearing white panties underneath), but he’s more concerned with his throbbing finger and rolls her off his lap. In fact, he’s such a softie that he still lets her stay in the house, and the same character trait is what prevents the later spanking opportunities from coming to fruition.

But never mind, it’s an excellent spanking scene, that you can watch here.

And since there is no repeat spanking in the movie, Feri Cansel can relax now, can’t she? Well, no, actually, because three years down the line there’s another spanking coming to her in another movie, which we’ll be looking at next time.

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