M. Brassens et La Soeur Lambert

Les Frères Lambert are a singing trio from the Loire region of France who are making a name for themselves with their wry renditions of well-loved French classics. Actually, one of them isn’t a frère at all: her name is Marie Ange,

Marie Ange Lambert a

and she’s an absolutely vital element in the group’s treatment of Georges Brassens’ 1960s comic song, ‘La Fessée’.

The song tells of a chance encounter with the widow of a dead friend, which leads to an affair, and then a spanking. The Frères rearrange it as a duet and present it with an artful video that offers something much more, and much more inventive, than a mere film of a performance: the song’s sense of story is captured in a series of still photographs, edited together to create a jerky ‘old movie’ effect, showing the encounter and the progress of their liaison…

towards the climax predetermined by the song’s title: la fessée! And what’s more, done in a manner that’s pleasingly true to the lyrics:

Nice panties, Marie Ange!

Here’s the video:

If you have enjoyed the Lambert Brothers’ version of the song, please visit their website and consider supporting them.

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