Photographer of the Week: Jarek Kasprowiak


There’s something delicately erotic about the art photography of Jarek Kasprowiak, who’s based in Walbrzych, Poland.

Partly it’s the way the composition, plus the models’ pose and clothing, draws attention to significant boundaries, and sometimes hints at their trangression.

Partly, too,  it’s the combination of confidence and vulnerability he captures.

He proudly works with analog equipment rather than digital, and he’s fond of slightly foggy Polaroid-style images.

But the series we’re looking at today is sharp and vibrant in its colors. And the roles are equally well defined. Here’s one of the characters.

Her position in relation to the other couldn’t be clearer.

Yet sometimes the boundaries will be transgressed.

Transgression’s a misdeed, though, isn’t it? Looks like someone needs to be punished.

No, ‘go to your room’ doesn’t really cut it. What she needs, surely, is a jolly good…

If you are interested in Jarek’s work, please visit his Instagram account.

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