The German Lesson

Meet the actress and model Victoria Rose.

She’s in danger of being spanked – but only if she shows ignorance of the German language. And that might give her reason to relax, because she’s a member of that group of free human beings who can proudly boast, ‘Ich bin ein Berliner.’

Don’t breathe that sigh of relief too soon, Victoria Rose!

Because the acting job we’re looking at today is a video for the German heavy metal band Lindemann, to be shown in their 2020 tour during an interval when they weren’t playing live onstage. The band is named after, and fronted by, Till Lindemann, who’s also the lead singer of Rammstein, another German heavy metal band. And the trouble is, they have been known to use spanking imagery, often of a slightly grotesque kind. For instance, here’s the guitarist Richard Kruspe in a photo that featured on Rammstein’s controversial 2009 album, Liebe ist für alle da:

And here’s Lindemann himself, spanking a maid in the music video for their 2009 song ‘Pussy’, which is otherwise well worth avoiding:

Time for Victoria Rose to start worrying! But maybe she could hope against hope that Lindemann might, just possibly, get up to different tricks away from Rammstein?

Don’t bank on it, dear! Here they are together in the video:

She’s having an unconventional German lesson, and every time she makes a mistake… Well, see for yourself:

So there you have it: a Berliner who can’t pronounce her German words correctly. Give her a donut!

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