When The Answer is Spanking

The striking, strange singer Yolandi Visser is half of the South African hip-hop duo Die Antwoord (which is Afrikaans for The Answer). Here she is in one of her more conventionally glam moments:

But conventional isn’t the first word you’d think of if you were trying to describe Die Antwoord. Let’s just say that if you’re the sort of person who is liable to be shocked and disgusted by Miley Cyrus, you might want to give Yolandi a very wide berth indeed…

For the broader-minded reader of this site, however, it’s good to know that Die Antwoord seem quite clued-up about one aspect of their appeal:

She’s certainly happy to show off her assets,

including onstage,

which amounts to serious temptation…

Yolandi doesn’t mind, it seems. In some of her early concert appearances a decade ago, she was kitted out in the tightest of golden pants,

and, according to a reviewer back in 2010, she ‘has a thing for spanking her own gold, spandex-plated butt’:

Here she is doing it. Sometimes she would offer the audience the chance to join in:

Other gold, spandex-plated butts are also available:

And if the mood is right… down with spandex!

All this might be described as good preliminary practice for the music video accompanying Die Antwoord’s 2013 song ‘Cookie Thumper’, in which Yolandi plays a very naughty schoolgirl at Holy Cross Girls’ Orphanage.

The overall thrust of the video concerns her induction into crime, sex and drug culture, but it’s intercut with some extremely provocative, not to say gross juvenile misbehavior, among which her disruptive classroom antics may not be the wildest,

but are certainly enough to land her in the Principal’s office, and across the Principal’s knee:

And if in doubt about just how naughty she is, here’s a different angle:

You can see the video here. The spanking amounts to three onscreen whacks, though slick editing means we never actually see the paddle connect with her bare bottom. Anyone with a weak stomach who only wants to see the spanking sequence should go to 3m47s and then stop immediately afterwards. But anyone with a weak stomach, or who is easily offended, is probably not in Die Antwoord’s target demographic: be off with you!

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