More Photographers of Past Weeks

This is the regular round-up of new work by the talented people who have previously been our Photographer of the Week, and have subsequently returned to the theme of spanking.

At the pin-up end of the market, Adam Mars of Lucky Devil Pinups has this raised-skirt bottom-smacking to offer:

Still with pin-up, Eric Martin of Paris, who previously showed us what happens to naughty rock’n’roll princesses, now tackles the issue of the Indians’ revenge on the cowboys:

B. B. Le Buff is at it again in front of the camera of Clarissa Bones:

So is October Divine for Phil Mairs, much to the discomfort of Sinderella Rockafella:

Here’s some stylish work by Michael Zinn:

Mike Allebach has done further splendid boudoir couples work:

And in close-up for the camera of Maria Krugovaya:

And… that’s it for another year!

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