Photographers in the Haunted Cathouse

Haunted Cathouse started out in 2008 as a St Petersburg burlesque agency, and subsequently extended its operation to become a pinup agency that facilitates the work of many different photographers. We have already encountered one of them, Stu Allotropia, but there are a host of equally talented others on the books. Let’s see some examples of the bright, sensual work that goes on in and through the Cathouse:

And since this is pinup, these girls might be thought to be taking a bit of a risk. Let Cathouse’s photographer Vitaliy show us just what kind of risk:

You may think that’s negligible, but it could get worse…

And with that, we turn to the work of another outstanding inhabitant of the Cathouse, Radmila Rocky.

Once again, the models are putting themselves in harm’s way…

Don’t relax, girls: you’re only a whisker away from…

(For those who want to know, that’s Miss Tea spanking Visas Stardust.)

And the ‘don’t relax’ maxim applies just as much to the photographers, because in the Cathouse sometimes they also model, as Radmila herself did, in front of the lens of Julia Hader… and over the lap of Olga No Rest:

If you are interested in Haunted Cathouse, please visit their Instagram account.

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