His Wife’s Servant

Betrothed at birth but grown apart: that’s the core situation in the 1983 Bollywood comedy Naukar Biwi Ka (His Wife’s Servant), based on the 1974 Pakistani movie Naukar Wohti Da and starring Dharmendra as Deepak Kumar and Anita Raj as Jyoti.

Here she is in another 1983 movie, Jeet Hamaari, taking a swimming lesson that looks agreeably faux-TK:

Back in Naukar Biwi Ka, however, it’s going to be OTK: a real spanking, albeit a brief one.

As the story winds onward, three of the four people responsible for the betrothal, the children’s parents, die prematurely, the exception being Deepak’s mother; Jyoti grows up in the care and custody of her wealthy grandfather, and becomes deeply spoilt. When the widow Kumar goes to confirm the marital arrangements now that Jyoti and Deepak are of age, she gets exceptionally rude treatment from the arrogant Jyoti, who has fallen for another man. Deepak vows to make her apologise. Meanwhile, Jyoti is having grandfather trouble, and schemes to stop the old man interfering by hiring someone to pose as her husband. Deepak takes the job, fulfilling the title by becoming his ‘wife’s’ servant, and the rest of the very long movie shows how he wins her love, going from pretend to actual husband. He also spanks her during the first song, just over an hour into the film:

You can watch the film here.

3 thoughts on “His Wife’s Servant

    • Harry says:

      Thank you! And thank you especially for the tip-off (snipped for spoilers), which will splendidly enhance an already-written article I have coming up in September.


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