Rendezvous at Area 51

If you’re in Nevada, then it’s probably prudent to stay away from Area 51. But if you’re across the state line in Utah, head for Club Area 51 in Salt Lake City, the legendary nightclub with its three busy dance floors and its themed fetish ball on the last Saturday of each month (virus permitting).

Like many a nightclub, it’s a hangout for pretty girls in outlandish clothes,

especially when the evening’s theme is ‘lingerie’.

Also like many a nightclub, there are opportunities aplenty to pose for the photographer,

and for gentlemen patrons to display their masculinity, one way…

or another:

The latter is sometimes also abetted by the choice of theme. When it’s ‘Retro Pin-Up’, there’s often a chance that something like this will happen:

And of course, if you come at the end of the summer, it’ll be…

That can only mean one thing: pretty girls in school uniform!

And sometimes they will be naughty girls.

And we all know that when a schoolgirl is naughty, she will have to be punished.

Well, maybe, but I bet that’s not what you had in mind…

She’s getting warmer. And others will get warmer another way…

Is it worth trying bribery?

Alas, it doesn’t appear to be all that effective!

Remember that violations of the school’s uniform code will be dealt with severely.

But you might want to bear in mind that there are also certain disadvantages to wearing the correct school uniform.

Feeling a little exposed?

Well, don’t be too naughty, or you may find yourself even more exposed!

Don’t say you weren’t warned!

But whatever may become of you, don’t forget to have fun at 51!

3 thoughts on “Rendezvous at Area 51

  1. RSC says:

    I would venture to say that many of the people in those pictures are engaging in spanking play simply as learned sexual behavior, complete with props and a safe environment, which is fine as far as it goes. But it doesn’t compare with the thrill of seeing “spanking as a part of everyday life.” Further confirmation of your central thesis.


    • Harry says:

      Yes, indeed it is learned sexual behavior, though of course most sophisticated human behavior, sexual and otherwise, is learned rather than instinctive. The issue you are raising is where to draw the line when it comes to defining ‘real life’ (which is the subject matter I deal with). I do accept sexuality as part of that; indeed, I think drawing the line with sexuality on the other side of it, the ‘not-real-life’ side, dangerously abets the forces in society that pretend to be progressive whilst actually trying to push us back into a heavily censored, neo-Victorian world of prudery.

      What I’m not interested in is the fetish world or the so-called ‘spanking community’ where spanking is an end in itself and there is no meaningful outside context. Not hostile, you understand, just not interested. For the most part, that world generates uninventive and (for me) unsatisfying porn material that feeds off and replicates dreary erotic tropes unconnected with any form of recognizable real life (even if it may once have had the most tenuous of links, generations ago). It also sometimes appropriates mainstream material, but sacrifices, or even deliberately suppresses, the original context in an effort to turn it into the uncomplicated sexual stimulant it was never intended to be. That’s disrespectful to the material, and something that I do deplore.

      As I am in the process of arguing in the current mid-week series, sexual behavior is the primary mainstream context for spanking in the modern media. Of course, we can still look back and enjoy the products of a past world in which spanking had a different primary meaning (even if it also had the potential to be a bit sexy too); history is also a part of real life. But I don’t think we should delude ourselves that this is the world as it is now, or one that will ever come back in our lifetimes. We do have to live as contemporary people in the 2020s, which doesn’t rule out anything from nostalgia to historical reenactment, but does mean we ought to acknowledge that there has been a cultural change since the 1940s; and the upshot of this is that, although spanking remains a part of ‘real life’ (my phrase), it may not now be a part of ‘everyday life’ (your misquotation of my phrase) in quite the same way as it once was.


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