Kiss Me Kate: 1980

We begin with the annual spring musical at St Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa, staged April 10 through 13, which were four nights of discomfort for Mimi Chouteau, thanks to David Resnick:

And later in the month, April 24 through 26, to be precise, David Talanian spanked Alyson Augustin at Belmont Hill High School, Massachusetts:

A week later, May 2 saw the production open at Soquel High School, California, with Greg Stone and Liz Hodgin. It ran until May 10, but probably didn’t feature outfits like these:

20 KMK 1980 Soquel High School

May 16-18 were the dates of a production at the Hopkins School in New Haven, Connecticut. John Clark spanked Laura Smith and, though we don’t have a photo of the scene, here’s a sign of how central it was deemed to be:

Back to Iowa now, where the musical was produced at Edgewood High School, with predictable consequences for Lee Klaus, courtesy of Mike Forkenbrock:

Next stop, Annapolis, for a long run at the Summer Garden Theatre, May 23 through July 6, with Jeffrey Miller and Constance Dameron, who played Lilli as a spoiled brat. No surprise then that once again the spanking scene was the central defining image of the show:

The summer musical at Topeka Civic Theatre, Kansas, starred Dennis Snyder and Kathy Moser, and it was said to be an exhausting but fun job for all concerned:

Oklahoma City Lyric Theatre presented the musical July 22 through August 2, with Alfred Toigo and Vicky Leloie Kelly:

August 7-16 sees our attention turn to Southern Illinois University, and the spanking of Kari Ely by Todd Scanlon:

At Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois, from September 5 through 14, here’s Thomas Glauner spanking Tamberlyn Gearring:

And from October 7 through 18, at the University of Northern Iowa, Kraig Kerger hands it out to Susan Connor:

That’s it for 1980 – 1981, here we come!

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