Professor Farruko Spanks Again

Back to the Dominican Republic for a return visit to El Reperpero, the late-night comedy sketch show that also caters to the Latin love of well-developed young women,

and features a popular running series about the irascible private tutor Professor Farruko (Chanel Leguisamon) and his randy student Cuquita (Karina Perez), who insists she wants to learn but regularly manipulates him into spanking her buxom bottom instead, something he often does while intoning the catchphrase ‘Te la ganaste’ – You deserve this!

So far, we have seen ten sketches, and Cuquita has been spanked in nine of them, as well as once getting to spank her rival, played by Yomira Santos. So we pick up the series in Sketch #11, about the Professor’s wish, in the time of the virus, to give up in-person teaching and give all his classes online. Well, there’s one thing he can’t do in a virtual classroom:

(To see this one, go here.)

In the next sketch, the tables are turned: Yomira gets rid of Cuquita, instead of vice versa, so that, just for once, it looks as if she’ll be the one getting the private lesson! But Cuquita finds her way back in and Yomira is ejected; so as usual it’s Cuquita who gets asked a really, really simple question, and, also as usual, doesn’t know the answer. In the course of the series, Farruko often has initial doubts about whether spanking is not a useful educational technique, and they are at their strongest here now that he has noticed how keen Cuquita is to be spanked. So, not for the first time, she resorts to ‘Do It Yourself’:

But her reproach that he’s all head quickly changes his mind, which means that for the next few moments, she’s going to be

all bottom!

(The video is here.)

The next sketch turns on respect, and climaxes with further enthusiastic whacking, even more enthusiastically received:

(The video is here, but it comes with a caution: if you share my tastes, watch from the point I’ve linked to and not from the beginning!)

Next up, Cuquita is in trouble with Grandma for not doing well enough in her lessons, and Farruko’s spanking methods are becoming more and more outlandish:

(This one is here.)

Cuquita is worried about the exams she’s going to have to take, but still she slacks off and is all too easily distracted. This time, it turns out that the silly, ignorant girl has never heard (or claims she has never heard) of COVID-19…

(Video here.)

Another sketch, another woeful display of ignorance, another spanking…

and another warning: don’t look at the earlier part of the video (here).

The next one, shown on Mothers’ Day, introduces more competition for Cuquita in the shape of another new student, played by Jholy Paredes:

(To see her getting a smacked bottom in a different show, go here.)

There is some discussion about whether it’s right for Farruko to take on two pupils, but they are eventually pitted against one another in answering his questions. And just so Jholy knows what’s at stake…

Jholy seems to be successful, but reward and reprisal seem to have gotten a little mixed up now.

Cuquita is clearly jealous of Jholy’s impressive gluteal endowment.

She drops a pretty broad hint that she wants to be spanked on Mothers’ Day, and after Jholy takes herself off, the Prof obliges:

But at the end of the sketch, there’s no corresponding treat for Grandma, as usual. (You can see the video here.)

There’s yet another callipygous new student in the next sketch, and this time she’s Valeidi Vera.

Cuquita sees her off without a single whack landing, but the Professor holds Valeidi up as a model student compared with his other recalcitrant charge. And to reinforce the contrast:

(The sketch is here.)

One enthusiastic viewer, who was perhaps a little more preoccipied with the spanking than the comedy, wrote to the producers recommending that Farruko should spank all the girls on the series, and that he should use his hand rather than his usual implement. The next sketch made a small move in the direction of one of those ideas by giving the Prof not just one but two new students. The first is played by Yadsi Henriquez:

Here she is arriving with Farruko, and you can see why Cuquita jealously compares her with a ladder:

And then she goes away again, though not without a parting gift from her favorite teacher:

Even before the advent of Yadsi, Cuquita is already feeling dissatisfied with the amount of attention Farruko is lavishing on other girls, especially as he seems to teach them mainly at night. She rebelliously refuses to have her lesson today. She has something else in mind: another very tall student in red, billed as ‘la grandota’ (the giantess) and played by Oriana Falla.

Here she is arriving: another lofty ladder!

With other enhancements!

Like to guess what she’s been brought in for?

And when Farruko doesn’t spank hard enough, Cuquita has a go herself!

But remarkably, there’s no follow-up spanking for Cuquita, even though she makes as big a mess of her lesson as usual. (You can see this one here.)

So that brings us to nineteen Farruko sketches so far, and Cuquita has been spanked in seventeen of them, sometimes more than once, along with further attention to other passing girls of greater or lesser longevity in the series. But pleasingly, Farruko isn’t the only Reperpero character who gets to administer whackings. Welcome back, Chanel and Jholy, in the same set but playing different characters:

Once those pink leggings are off, he can really give her what she wants,

or could, if there wasn’t an interruption before he gets properly started!

(The sketch is here. You may prefer not to watch the earlier part of it.)

And finally for now, Chanel returns again in a bonus sketch, this time playing a tattooist. His client is Jessica Espinosa:

And guess where she wants her tat?

That’s right!

(This one’s here.)

There are a few signs that we may now have seen the last of Farruko and Cuquita, though I dare say I’m not the only one who hopes otherwise. And if i am wrong about that, you can be sure we’ll catch up with their doings in a future installment.

One thought on “Professor Farruko Spanks Again

  1. iminwprnot says:

    I, too, hope we haven’t seen the last of naughty Cuquita and “teacher” Farruko. Although spanking for laughs is certainly not my favorite category, Cuquita and her occasional “classmates” are irresistible to me.
    If I may state what may be ridiculously obvious, I am fascinated (riveted may be a better word) by the very basis of these presentations, that there is some constituency of people in that part of the world (as there is worldwide) who have, to some degree, an interest in erotic spanking… and, although I doubt many of that constituency are female (much less those who resemble lovely Cuquita), I can imagine there are some, and I am very grateful to and appreciative of VS for these revelations!


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