Poptart Paddles Parker

Today our attention turns to something that happened on September 22, 2017, the second and final day of shooting on the music video for Silas Nello’s song ‘The Jester’. You can see the video here, if you’re interested, but don’t go there expecting to see a spanking, because there isn’t one.

This was decidedly an incident rather than a story, but there is a dramatis personae to introduce. Here are three of them:

In the center, Silas Nello himself, and on the left, Kansas Bowling, who directed the video. Here’s one more of her:

On the right, her seriously cute younger sister Parker Love Bowling, who starred in the video as Silas’ love interest.

And behind the camera, the acrobat and performance artist Poptart Sprinkle, who did costumes and make-up for the video and did the behind the scenes stills photography. Well, some of it, anyways…

She will need to come out from behind the camera to play her part in the proceedings.

Why and wherefore remain unknown: remember, it’s an incident, not a story. But applause for them all, including Silas, who took over photography duties at the crucial moment. And applause most of all for Parker!

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