Photographer of the Week: Kelvin Futcher

Based in England’s Dorset, Kelvin Futcher of 2D Photography shoots everything from music events to landscapes, from cars to girls.

And OK, without wanting to disregard all those other good things in his portfolio, it is the girls who most interest us! Especially the models Alex and Alice who joined him for a themed shoot that took them back to school, with a welcome touch of glamor.

Looks like we have a naughty schoolgirl on our hands! Maybe a hundred lines will teach her to be good? Or will it only teach her that she needs a bigger blackboard?

Look closely and you’ll see a minor calamity there.

Don’t let it distract you from your lines, dear!

Because if they’re not done by the time teacher gets back…

Here she is… and now it’s a major calamity: the lines aren’t finished!

‘I haven’t been slacking, Miss, honest!’

Somehow I don’t think teacher is going to fall for it.

And if a hundred lines won’t do the trick, it looks like it’ll have to be… six of the best!

If you are interested in Kelvin Futcher’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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