How Much Nonsons Will You Stand For?

Like their compatriots 2Rbina 2Rista, the St Petersburg rock band Nihil Nonsons slices into you like a streak of raw Russian rage. But look beyond the grotesque hair and make-up and the numerous piercings, and you’ll find a recognizable humanity there too.

Take band member Anna Nonsense, who is covered in distinctive tattoos.

She may alternate between staring balefully down the camera lens and studiously ignoring it,

but there’s no denying her inherent femininity,

which almost seems to be simultaneously asserted and contradicted by the look she chooses and the poses she strikes.

But maybe we shouldn’t be talking quite so much about that kind of appeal. Maybe

Because they are a band, after all – and a band’s reputation ought to stand on its music, and perhaps also its videos. In the latter, Nihil Nonsons uses some pretty heavy BDSM imagery, such as this one for the 2014 song ‘Hero in Me’, or this one from 2016 for a song whose Russian title translates as ‘Explicit’.

The band doesn’t always go quite so far: there are also gentler assertions of masculinity,

sometimes involving another meaningful conjunction of hard with soft, contact between masculine hand and feminine bottom:

And on one occasion in 2017, there was something just a little more serious for Anna:

To hear more of Nihil Nonsons’ music, please visit the band’s YouTube channel.

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