Let’s Dance Strictly with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars Finland

She never thought it would come to this when she signed up for that celebrity dance contest!

This kind of television show became popular across America and Europe in the 2000s, variously entitled Let’s Dance or Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars, or the vernacular equivalents. Since then they have never gone out of fashion, so you will probably be familiar with the format: each celeb gets paired with a professional dancer and taught a routine every week; they perform it to an enthusiastic studio audience, get scored by not always quite so enthusiastic judges and are successively eliminated from the competition when their marks don’t shape up. And in some cases, they get their bottoms smacked.

Plenty of celebs have met this fate in front of a primetime television audience. American singer-songwriter Nicole Scherzinger:

British pop star Lulu (who was previously spanked in her own early 1970s television series, and also in the 1974 movie The Cherry Picker):

French singer Sofia Essaidi:

Swedish crime writer Camilla Läckberg:

French TV presenter Karine Ferri:

Polish actress Ewa Kasprzyk:

Finnish athlete Eevi Teittinen:

So it’s always wise for a celebrity contestant not to tempt fate with her dance moves!

But sometimes it’s the pro dancers who get smacked, like Witney Carson,

or Jeanette Carlsson:

Nobody has a finer track record in that respect than Fauve Hautot, the outstanding French pro on Danses avec les Stars, who made a signature dance move out of the tam-tam fesses:

And sometimes it seems it’s not entirely symbolic:

Sadly in 2019 she was obliged to withdraw the business from her act after certain joyless people complained that it was demeaning rather than funny, as Fauve and most of her audiences had thought. But at least you can enjoy some videos of her earlier spankings here, here, here, here and here.

Now let’s meet the Alpine skier Alexandra Meissnitzer, who competed in the Austrian series Dancing Stars in 2011.

That’s her sitting on the knee of her dance partner and trainer, pro Florian Gschaider. In due course she will be in another position relative to his knee, but for now let’s look at an example of them dancing together on the show:

In training, it seems he was a hard taskmaster. Just how hard became apparent when she made one mistake too many, and he told her:

‘If you turn again without my say-so, I will spank you! I will spank the Meissnitzer bottom!’

And it looks as if that wasn’t her last mistake, because he was as good as his word:

In the end, she was the runner-up in the series. But who knows, with a bit more discipline, a bit more spanking, maybe she’d have won!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Dance Strictly with the Stars

  1. jpfamg says:

    There are frequently spankings in Metropolitan Opera productions over the previous few years. They include Don Giovanni, Don Pasquale and a number of playful backstage spankings shown on video.


    • Harry says:

      You pointed this out before in a comment you made last May, but you didn’t reply to (and so perhaps didn’t see) my response asking for more specific information. While I’m not ungrateful for the tipoff, there are literally hundreds of operas available in streamed format on the Met’s online subscription service. It’s far too many to look through on the offchance of finding a spanking (and even that involves the assumption that you are talking about proper OTK spankings, not incidental smacked bottoms, which are only of minor interest). Likewise, what specific backstage videos do you mean? Maybe you’re hoping that people will start to develop a taste for opera as they hunt around the site!

      I’d be glad to consider researching and writing about the subject, but I have to know exactly what I’m looking for. I might happily watch an opera for its own sake from time to time but I don’t want to OD! As you may have seen, there are already a number of articles about operas on the site, and anyone interested in the two operas you mentioned can read about spankings in other productions of Don Giovanni and Don Pasquale.


    • Harry says:

      If you take a closer look at the article, you will see that embedded in the text are a number of links to those videos that are (currently) available.


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