Keeping Up With Pippin

The musical Pippin isn’t the most rewarding of shows for a spanking enthusiast to follow, and not only because searches tend to return results where the relevant has to be disentangled from a welter of cute pets and hobbits. The original 1972 version of the ‘orgy scene’ included a spanking, but in recent times it is often staged without, perhaps to appease the poor phobic dears who just can’t abide spanking and don’t want anyone else to have the pleasure, but also perhaps to allow a director or choreographer to do their own thing. The latter is legitimate artistic flexibility (all the scene requires is some form of unorthodox sexual practice, which doesn’t have to be spanking), and while the former is regrettable, let’s never forget that we do have to live in the world alongside these people, which necessarily means we end up with an ongoing ‘win some, lose some‘ situation. So let’s look at a few Pippin productions where we won.

Here’s one in Connecticut in 2009:

In the summer of 2011, a production at the Carnegie Theatre, Cincinnati, featured this actress and dancer:


And she featured in our scene:


(The video is here.)

Also from 2011, here’s a high school production from Maryland. The spanking, at 52m50s, is washed out through overlighting, but features some attractive leg-work from the recipient:

But it’s a little sad that I haven’t found a single example more recent than my original article on the musical. I try to keep up with Pippin, but does Pippin want to keep up with us?

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