Photographer of the Week: Stefan Poscharnig

Stefan Poscharnig is a passionate Austrian photographer with an eye for detail, who has been running the HD Foto Studio in Klagenfurt since 2009.

If there’s one word that most characterizes his work, it is dark, in palette though not necessarily in tone. His subjects, expertly lit against a pitch-black background, emerge with beautiful clarity and definition.

And now we’re coming to the point: a Krampus shoot from 2017, with two models as well as various permutations of the monster himself.

And that inevitably raises a question: which one? Or will it be both? (Since they’re here, you can be sure it ain’t neither!)

No, it’s not her. It’s her:

If you are interested in Stefan Poscharnig’s work, please visit the HD Foto website.

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