Photographer of the Week: Johann Bernsteiner

Austrian photographer Johann Bernsteiner isn’t a professional – but he doesn’t see why he shouldn’t shoot like one.

The absence of commercial pressures gives him time to get it right, a process that begins with and centers on the model:

If you want to appear elegant, you also have to be elegant. The right outfit, the right expression. If you want to come across as sexy, you also have to present yourself sexy. It doesn’t matter how much “bare skin” you present, but the charisma of the model has to be sexy. Anyone who poses as if for a medical textbook will rarely be sexy.

And the photographer’s job is to put her in the ‘right light’, which is partly literal, partly metaphorical: the photographer has to ‘see’ the model in the most effective way to create the desired look.

Bernsteiner’s portfolio ranges from cosplay

and humor

to fetish

and casual elegance:

A Bernsteiner model will often be caught at different stages in the progressive removal of her clothes,


by piece…

by piece…

until there’s nothing left to take off:

And that’s something a naughty Bernsteiner model might do well to remember!

If you are interested in Johann Bernsteiner’s work, please visit his website.

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