Kiss Me Kate: 2013

For Kiss Me Kate, 2013 starts in Canada, with a production by Toronto’s Wavestage Theatre Company, which ran February 8-10 and starred Joe Adams and Justine Ellis:

In England, the Banbury Operatic Society production (February 12-16) faced a problem in the run-up to opening night: Ann Sloan, playing Lilli, lost her voice! So David Hornsby (Fred) had to work with a stand-in at the technical rehearsal: the choreographer, Sharon Green, who, we are told, ‘didn’t bargain for being put over David’s knee for a spanking’!

30 2013 Banbury Operatic Society tech

And now here’s the dress rehearsal, with (as the change of hair color tells us) Ann back where she belonged:

Incidentally, the production was directed by Janet Bishop, who had played Lilli when the Society last did KMK, in 1991.

Over to North Ridgeville, Ohio, now, where the troupe Lifelines performed the play at the Olde Towne Hall Theatre, February 15 through March 9:

And at a high school in Michigan:

From February 25 through March 2, a production that is exceptionally well documented visually, but otherwise unidentified:

There’s the shadow of the curtain coming down… but this is theater, so te curtain also rises – on another performance!

And another…

And yet another…

Still more…

And just before the final curtain…

Meanwhile, at a high school in Ohio, a production that closed on March 3:

02 KMK 2013 River Valley High chool

And at a high school in Connecticut, from March 15 through 23:

(A video is here; go to just after the one-hour mark for the spanking.)

The Lyric Musical Society of Aberdeen, Scotland, staged KMK March 20-23. Here’s a rehearsal:

32 2013 Lyric Musical Society Aberdeen

And here’s the show:

31 2013 Lyric Musical Society Aberdeen

From March 21 through 24 at a high school in New Jersey:

Also in March, also at a high school, this time in Virginia:

In April, KMK was the spring musical at a high school in Maryland:

Another spring musical, another high school, this time in Alabama, April 10-14. First here’s a rehearsal.

and now onstage:

And April 11-13 also saw this at a high school in New Brunswick, Canada:

May takes us to Denver, to see Jordan Roberts spank Amanda Blair:

In Schwaz, Austria, Georg Mader spanks Jasmin Bair in a production that ran June 5-15:

In North Carolina, Asheville Community Theatre staged the musical June 6 through 9, with John C. Hall and Wendy Morrison:

Here’s a rehearsal for the June 19-22 Woodseats Musical Theatre Company at Dronfield Civic Hall, with Richard Carlin and Jenny Bingham:

Also in June, at a school in Scotland

And finally for the month, it’s off to Ukraine for a production in Kiev, with Asya Sereda Goldun as Lilli:

Here’s a trailer:

And halfway through the year, we take a breather and return next week for the second half!

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