Spanked About the House

The popular Russian reality show Dom-2 (House-2) might be described as a kind of Big Brother that begins without the house – because part of the objective is for the contestants to build a house together, whilst also trying to pair off romantically. The winning couple’s prize, of course, is the house itself. The series started in 2004 and ran until the end of 2020. And romantic relationships being what they are, especially in Eastern Europe, there was a not inconsiderable amount of spanking, right from the very first series.

In 2012, on the sofa…

In 2014, during dinner…

Contestant Tatyana Kirilyuk must have been very naughty in 2015…

The 2018 girl seems more relaxed about it…

In 2019, there was a bottom-smacking contest on the beach…

(The video is here.)

And it looks as if one couple may have been late to the party, for it was back to the beach in 2020…

Applause for them all!

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